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just-a-reject-x asked:

Can you do me a favor and edit me a picture of a girl with dark hair and green eyes? I'm making a roleplaying blog, and it's supposed to be the sibling of Elizabeth Midford (kuroshitsuji). I could send you the link to a photo if you're okay with it. (:

I haven’t been very active so I have no idea when you sent this but I’d love to if you’re still interested.


Anonymous asked:

could you please remove the edit of the boy with the teddy bear which I drew? I do not have a tumblr and i do not speak english. But if you please, could you take it down?

Of course, no problem, I’ll do so now :)

Giving Credit, Getting a Source

Hello Tumblrs who come across my page I need your help!

I edit pictures for fun, getting them from sites that host wallpapers and other things with no source 99% of the time. A very nice Anon gave me the idea of asking for everyone who goes through my page to if you know the source TELL ME!

I would hate to offend anyone and understand that even though I have the original picture, it’s nowhere as good as crediting directly and even more importantly, asking for permission in the first place.

My goal is not to post anymore pictures unless I have the source to not only the pictures I have already posted but future pictures I haven’t edited as of yet, thanks to another Anon who gave me access to a site called SauceNO.

Also, for all those pics that come from Pixiv, send links to them as well please! I’ve signed up so I can message the artists about my page as I find them but I’ve also just discovered the existence of this site so I’m not very familiar with it.

Thank you for all your help! Also, if I have any of your work here please tell me, I’ll take it down/credit you if that’s what you want, apology ready.

- Japanese







- Korean

안녕하세요 내 페이지를 발견 Tumblrs는 당신의 도움이 필요합니다!

나는 재미 사진을 편집 사이트에서 발생이없이 소스 시간의 99 %를 호스트 벽지와 다른 것들.아주 좋은 곧 저에게 당신은 소스가 말해 알고있는 경우에 내 페이지를 통해가는 모든 요구는 생각이 떠 올랐습니다!

난 아무도 불쾌감 내가 원래 사진이 있어도, 그것은 처음부터 허가를 요청, 아무데도 직접 더 중요한 적립만큼 좋은 없다는 것을 알아야 싫어합니다.

내 목표는 내가 아직 저 SauceNO라는 사이트에 대한 접속 권한을 준 또 다른 곧 덕분에 현재 편집하지 않은 내가 이미 게시 한 사진 만 미래의 사진뿐만 아니라에 소스가 없다면 더 이상 사진을 게시 할 수 없습니다.

또한, Pixiv에서 온 모든 갤러리를 들어, 그들에게 링크를 보내도주세요! 내가 그들을 발견하면 내 페이지에 대한 작가 메시지를 보낼 수있는 그래서 내가 가입 한하지만 그걸 잘 알고 안 그래서 난 단지이 사이트의 존재를 발견했습니다.

모든 도움을 주셔서 감사합니다! 또한, 여기에 작업 사항이 있으면하는 말 해주세요, 내가 끌고 갈 / 그 준비 당신이 원하는 걸, 사과인지를 넣어드립니다.

- Filipino

Kamusta Tumblrs na dumating sa aking pahina Kailangan ko ang iyong tulong!

Ko i-edit ang mga larawan para sa masaya, pagkuha ng mga ito mula sa mga site na host ng mga wallpaper at iba pang mga bagay na walang pinagmulan 99% ng oras. Ang isang magaling anon ibinigay sa akin ang ideya ng pagtatanong para sa lahat na napupunta sa pamamagitan ng aking pahina kung alam mo ang pinagmulan ang sabihin sa akin!

Gusto ko mapoot sa makainsulto ng sinuman at maunawaan na kahit na mayroon akong ang orihinal na larawan, ito ay wala kahit saan bilang mabuting bilang crediting direkta at mas mahalaga, na humihingi ng pahintulot sa unang lugar.

Aking layunin ay hindi upang mag-post ang mga ito larawan maliban kung mayroon akong ang source sa hindi lamang ang mga larawan na nai-post ko ngunit sa hinaharap larawan Mayroon akong hindi na-edit bilang ng pa, salamat sa isa pang anon na nagbigay sa akin ng access sa isang site na tinatawag na SauceNO.

Gayundin, para sa lahat ng mga litrato na dumating mula Pixiv, magpadala ng mga link sa kanila pati na rin mangyaring! Ko na naka-sign up sa gayon ay maaari kong mensahe sa mga artist tungkol sa aking pahina bilang mahanap ko ang mga ito ngunit ko na rin lamang natuklasan ang pagkakaroon ng site na ito upang Hindi ako masyadong pamilyar sa ito.

Salamat sa iyo para sa lahat ng iyong tulong! Gayundin, kung mayroon akong anumang ng iyong trabaho dito mangyaring sabihin sa akin, kukunin ko na dalhin ito pababa / credit mo kung ano ang gusto mo, paghingi ng tawad handa.

- Chinese








Anonymous asked:

I actually have a request, that would make a lot of people very happy! Stop editing (coughstealingcoughcough) and draw something on your own. PLEASE.

-Refer to my page for more detailed response-

choco-maize asked:

You do know that it is rude to edit one's art w/o permission? plus, you don't have a fucking right to use their work if you didn't ask for their permission, they never told you that their art was free to be edited/recolored/ripped/whatever. Respect other's art, please.

-Refer to my page for more detailed response-


Anonymous asked:

That person who pointed your blog out for "editing" art sure must be proud now. And now everyone has decided to come and yell at you for what a lot of others do. Don't let these people push you down. I believe that as long as you credit those who did the art, you're fine.

Ah Anon ur so nice, let me hug you. -gives you cookie-

>(^o^)>O <(- -)<


Anonymous asked:

You said you edit works that you love. Why do you edit them if you love them? Alot of the artist (pixiv members) hate the fact that people who "admire" their work edit them. If you loved them, you would leave them as they were. You also said you wanted to draw like them too. So.. How about practising? How do you think they became so good at drawing? They just picked up a pencil, and HAZA! Beautiful art. Editing isn't going to make you better. Actually drawing is going to.

Never said I wanted to draw like them, I said I can’t/don’t.

I know it takes practicing & editing and drawing are two different things, I know I personally enjoy editing more than drawing.

I edit them because while I love them I have the ability to see the other things that could be done with the picture, instead of just thinking about it I actually go and edit it. If it offends the artist and they inform me of it then WE can deal with that.

IDK why all these Anons feel the need to police other people’s work. If you know the artist then I’m begging you to tell them/send them a link to my page. So that way I can hear for once, how the artist feels about it from their own mouths.


Anonymous asked:


Go 2 my page for a detailed response. If I have anything of yours on my page come off Anon & tell me so I can take it down.

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